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Enter a number:
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This transfer is possible in two ways: direct transfer and using the decimal system.

first, let's make a direct transfer.

let's translate to decimal like this:

1∙81+1∙80+5∙8-1 = 1∙8+1∙1+5∙0.125 = 8+1+0.625 = 9.62510

got It: 11.58 =9.62510

Translate the number 9.62510 в hexadecimal like this:

the Fractional part of the number is multiplied by the base of the new number system:

 Transferring numbers from one number system to another

the result of the conversion was:

9.62510 = 9.A16
the Final answer: 11.58 = 9.A16

now let's make the transfer using the decimal system.

let's do a direct translation from octal to binary like this:

11.58 = 1 1. 5 = 1(=001) 1(=001). 5(=101) = 001001.1012

the Final answer: 11.58 = 1001.1012

Fill in the number with missing zeros on the right

let's do a direct translation from binary to hexadecimal like this:

1001.10102 = 1001. 1010 = 1001(=9). 1010(=A) = 9.A16

the Final answer: 1001.10108 = 9.A16

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